Notice of Magazine Renewal and the Start of AXIS Media Membership


Notice of Magazine Renewal and the Start of AXIS Media Membership

Thank you very much for always taking the time to read our design magazine, AXIS. This year, our magazine is celebrating its 43rd anniversary since its first publication in 1981. The magazine's continuous publication over such a long period of time is due entirely to the warm support which we have received from our readers, and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to you all.

Over the past few years, design has continued to expand. As is evident from the use of terminology such as design thinking and design management, design is being reinterpreted and re-evaluated through the perspective of business and philosophy. At the same time, design, which had previously been kept enclosed among specialists, is experiencing an accelerating move toward democratization where it can be accessed by a growing number of people. In what direction will the increasingly expanding and openness of design head toward in the future?

Looking toward this new phase, we will be carrying out an extensive renewal of the AXIS magazine. As a result, we will be suspending publication of the May 1 issue and the next issue, volume 229, will be released on July 1.

The magazine's renewal will include an increase in the number of pages for each issue to ensure that the feature articles are even more compelling than before. We also plan to introduce some new content such as a new series which will add a breath of fresh air to the magazine. We will simultaneously be transitioning the magazine from a publication of six issues per year to a quarterly magazine with four issues per year. By increasing the length of the production period, we hope to further energize the magazine content. The regular price and actual size of the magazine still remains undecided, and once a decision is made, we will inform you through our website.

Moreover, along with the release of the renewed issue, we will be starting the AXIS Media Membership. This membership digital program enables people who are passionate about design and who want to expand the potential of design to connect with each other. The AXIS Media Membership does not simply utilize a one-sided approach to provide information content, but also provides a platform, which includes experts from various fields, so that people can explore society's future together. It also connects together people with similar aims and provides an opportunity for development and problem solving. AXIS is able to provide this original media service as a result of continually conveying the essence of design for over forty years as well as building a diverse network. We hope that you will join the AXIS Media Membership.

Please look forward to the newly regenerated AXIS Media and we appreciate your continuing support.

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