On AXIS’s 40th anniversary, we are putting things together anew that the company and our employees value and always keep in mind.
Our Philosophy is to value the importance of the perspective of “creating the future” by focusing on new possibilities and utilizing our advanced expertise. Our Value expresses our desire to work on projects that make people happy and offer people exciting surprises, which is one of the essential elements of design.

Creativity for Life and Society.

For the person’s future.
For a more joyful and fulfilling everyday life.
For revitalizing business.
For improving the city, community, and environment.

Exerting the creativity of design,
We focus on various possibilities for life and society,
makes proposals and materializes them.
AXIS is a company for creating the future of life and society.

Creating “joy” and “surprise.”

Bringing fun, enriching people’s lives, and making people happy.
Adding exciting surprises for business and society.
We are committed to generating such pleasant changes.
While engaging in creative activities,
we ourselves also pursue joyful and surprising experiences.