Design Magazine AXIS Vol.228 on Sale March 1 !


Design Magazine AXIS  Vol.228 on Sale March 1 !


Exploring the design and possibilities of products.... We would like to once again return to a theme that is the starting point for design magazines, and, at the same time, grasp accurately what influence the latest products have on our daily lives and society. Although it has been long since the core trend in design has shifted to events or places and even virtual spaces, things still have great persuasive power. Design that can actually be seen and touched can influence our emotions instantly. The design of things, moreover, has immense influence spanning from daily spaces existing within a one meter-radius to entire social systems. It is time to explore the possibilities in product design not through retrospection, but rather as realistic attempts for future possibilities. We examine the true potentials of design that are emerging from the latest products in various fields, from interiors to mobility and even XR.

Art and products will once again overlap someday
-Design philosophy in teenage engineering

Design that reminds us of products from the 1970s to the 80s.... A portable recorder "TP-7" released from the Swedish design studio "teenage engineering" in 2023 has been gathering attention for its appearance that reminds us of the height of radio-cassette products while at the same time being equipped with the latest technology. One of the founders of the company and product designer Jesper Kouthoofd projects his image of what the future should look like onto Leonardo da Vinci while criticizing the designs of today's digital devices.

Yamaha Motor's platform concept and use of generative AI to transform mobility design

Yamaha Motor unveiled prototypes of personal EVs at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024. Behind this co-creation project with various partners for integrated generative AI, was a platform concept that could alter the system of mobility design.

American Honda's Electric Scooter Designed for a Fun Riding Experience

In November 2023, American Honda introduced Motocompacto, a folding electric motorcycle designed for easy portability and a fun riding experience. While it is currently available only in the US market, the vehicle garnered significant attention at global trade fairs such as the CES and the Japan Mobility Show for its delightful design. Ideal for urban commuting, this innovative e-scooter can be conveniently carried like a compact suitcase. Jane Nakagawa and Nick Ziraldo, two driving forces behind Motocompacto, tell us the story behind Honda's joyful new creation.

Mobility support by fuseproject reflects the trends in consumer products

Every day, over 35 million Americans struggle with some form of mobility impairment. Among the causes of physical paralysis include neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and the after-effects of stroke. "Cionic Neural Sleeve" is an AI-powered physical therapy device designed to assist with walking through real-time analysis and sensor technology. Launched by an American bionic startup in 2023, the Cionic Neural Sleeve has been widely anticipated.

Flexible thinking leads to innovation
-Lighting by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) 040

The Italian company Artemide has been leading the lighting industry in producing high-quality products since its founding in 1959. Many masterpieces have been born out of collaborative product development with designers and architects, from Richard Sapper to Herzog & de Meuron, who have always been pioneers of their times. Their latest product, La Linea, launched last year, is a unique piece of work that has revolutionized the concept of lighting with its originality and creativity. We interviewed Jakob Lange, architect and Partner at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

Featured discussion  Shin Nishibori x 21B STUDIO
How should the product designer design their own mindset?

Product design, perhaps, is a field where the distinction between in-house designers and independent designers is clear. Regarding industrial products in particular, we can say that's because the work cannot be completed by a single designer. Nevertheless, there are a number of creators who try to work beyond the framework of organizations. There are three young designers working earnestly with flexible ideas at 21B STUDIO. In contrast, Shin Nishibori has changed venues nimbly, working at Panasonic, going freelance for a time, and then moving to Apple. The discussion among these four designers also reflected their true feelings and affection for product design. Notable products selected by Nishibori are also introduced below.

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