Announcement on the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of AXIS Inc.

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Announcement on the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of AXIS Inc.

On Thursday, September 23, 2021, AXIS Inc. marked the 40th anniversary of its establishment.
We express our sincere gratitude for your patronage and support over the years.

Initiated by the interest in the roles of design and their significance, AXIS Inc. was established on February 1, 1981, after five years of planning since 1976. On September 23, 1981, we opened AXIS Design Center, a commercial complex in Roppongi, Tokyo, to propose "living with design." Since then, we have made continuous efforts based in this location to pursue diverse possibilities of design in life and society. Our efforts include delivering design-related information through the design magazine AXIS and other media, managing lifestyle shops, and offering design-based solutions.

At the core of AXIS Inc. lies the 40 years of knowledge and networks in the field of design. Under the new philosophy of "creativity for life and society," we will continue to develop various business operations and services by maximizing our core values. We would appreciate your continued support.


On AXIS's 40th anniversary, we are putting things together anew that the company and our workers value and always keep in mind.Our Philosophy is to value the importance of the perspective of "creating the future" by focusing on new possibilities and utilizing our advanced expertise. Our Value expresses our desire to work on projects that make people happy and offer people exciting surprises, which is one of the essential elements of design.

Cerativity For Life and Society

For the person's future
For a more joyful and fulfilling everyday life
For revitalizing business
For improving the city, community, and environment

Exerting the creativity of design,
We focus on various possibilities for life and society,
makes proposals and materializes them.
AXIS is a company for creating the future of life and society.

Creating "joy" and "surprise."

Bringing fun, enriching people's lives, and making people happy.
Adding exciting surprises for business and society.
We are committed to generating such pleasant changes.
While engaging in creative activities,
we ourselves also pursue joyful and surprising experiences.

Overview of the 40th anniversary events

We hosted anniversary events to foster a sense of unity and improve employee motivation. Bringing together the resources of all departments, we engaged in the planning, design, and management of the events.

Designing the anniversary logo
Our in-house team designed a logo that evokes a sense of oneness, unity, future development, and growth.

Brochure to introduce all departments
We interviewed all department directors and produced a brochure summarizing their business operations. Through the layout design of the magazine AXIS, one of the leading businesses of AXIS Inc., we learned about other departments' activities.

Hosting exhibits 
We displayed portraits of every AXIS employee with their hand-written messages, a timeline of company history, archival materials, and project deliverables of all departments.

Anniversary gift
We produced tote bags, made from the flags that used to fly on AXIS Design Center . Various successive flag designs have come together across time and revived in a different form. We distributed the bags as an anniversary gift to all employees. 

Special website 
We launched an in-house blog to share the entire flow of anniversary events and bring a sense of togetherness among employees by offering various web content, such as descriptions of the events, snapshots of production processes and meetings, and inside stories told by secretariat staff members.