Harnessing 40 Years of Experience in Design to Support Our Clients’ Creative Projects

We have 40 years of design knowledge, cultivated through initiatives like the Design Magazine AXIS and AXIS Design Center. We combine this experience with an expansive network and innovative ideas to develop our clients’ creative projects.

Good Design Award, Japan BtoB Advertising Awards, DSA Design Award, JCD Design Award

Designing New Systems and Businesses

Our strategists and consultants are specialists in cutting-edge design development, business development, and experience building. They can help develop new products, services, spaces, buisinesses and brands.

- Design strategy formulation
- Product and service development
- Technology research
- Digital development
- Brand development
- Marketing strategy / business strategy
- Spatial design solutions
- Urban development

Creative Expertise That Leads to High-Quality Output

Producers with expertise in a wide range of creative fields, including video, spatial design, web, and print, work closely with creative staff members on projects. Through creativity and precise project management, we provide high-quality output regardless of genre.

Providing High-quality Output for Any Genre
Providing High-quality Output for Any Genre

Creative Expression that Moves Clients and Beyond

We value the perspectives and feelings of the people who will ultimately interact with the finished product. We structure information so that it is accessible to everyone. We strive to create visual identities, web design, advertisements, and brochures that resonate with clients and the people beyond.

Creating Designs That Move Clients and People Beyond
Creating Designs That Move Clients and People Beyond
Creating Designs That Move Clients and People Beyond

The Creative Division Website, AXIS design

This website provides information on our Creative Division. It features content about project case studies, the process from concept-building to execution, and design details.

Creative Department Website, AXIS design

Introducing Collaborative Client Projects

We provide a variety of support services for our clients by leveraging the knowledge and network that AXIS has cultivated through our projects over the years. Please feel free to contact us.

Design Magazine AXIS / Web Magazine AXIS

Utilizing our network and our expertise in planning and editing, we also support companies, schools, and local governments disseminate information.

Collaboration with Design Magazine AXIS

In a special issue of Design Magazine AXIS, we introduce the design activities and projects of corporate organizations. We want to show not only those involved but also the readers what we are doing by systematically discussing our vision and philosophy for the future.

Collaborative Project with Design Magazine AXIS

Planning, Editing, and Other Support

We provide a wide range of support to our clients through a variety of media, including the planning and management of events such as exhibitions and forums, as well as the planning and editing of websites and books.

Planning, Editing, and Other SupportPlanning, Editing, and Other Support

Living Motif

We work on a variety of consulting projects, taking advantage of our unique know-how, and domestic and international networks that have been fostered through operating our shops. We make proposals and collaborate with our clients, such as designing and styling a wide range of spaces (houses, commercial facilities, and offices), shop producing, product planning, and shop operation support.

Styling/Producing Examples

We widely work on design planning and interior coordination for housing and commercial spaces, offices, and common spaces within companies. In addition, we provide services based on our expertise in shop operation, such as collaborative events with companies, product planning, and shop operation support.

Styling examples details
  • Housing space design and model room styling

  • Furniture and art coordination for shared facilities

  • Office space design and furniture/accessories coordination

  • Collaborative events with companies for proposing housing spaces

  • Product development for a museum shop and shop operation

  • Selecting books for a corporate library and interior styling