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Special Issue

GK Design Group has its roots in a university venture founded in 1952 by Kenji Ekuan, who was a student at Tokyo University of the Arts. Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2023, it is now one of the largest independent design firms in the world, with more than 200 creators. As we interview several of its diverse members, we will think about the future of design with the real life image of the dynamic body that is GK.

Conversation "The Future of Design"
Seiichi Saito, Panoramatiks Principal and Kazuo Tanaka, GK Design Group CEO

Seiichi Saito, Panoramatiks Principal, and Kazuo Tanaka, GK Design Group CEO, have long been engaged in various aspects of design as promotors and advocators, as well as jurors of notable design contests, including the Good Design Award. In this discussion, the two shared their thoughts on the future of design.

In Various Scenes of Life and Society, There Lies GK Design
Life Creation Enriching our everyday lives

Round Table Discussion
Frontline Designers Talk About the Realities of GK Design Group

The GK Design Group is a comprehensive design group that has been working from its own unique standpoint and philosophy since its establishment. We interviewed leading designers from each company about what GK is up to now, and their future vision.

In Various Scenes of Life and Society, There Lies GK Design
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