Special Issue  FUJIFILM "A Pictorial Guide of Future Design 2"


Special Issue  FUJIFILM

It's been four years since "A Pictorial Guide of Future Design" was published in 2019. This updated version, "A Pictorial Guide of Future Design2," synchronizes with the birth of the new CLAY, the brand-new base of the Fujifilm Design Center. The book's first half, the new CLAY chapter, discusses its concept and design, while the second half, the FUJIFILM chapter, overviews their designs of products and prototypes in various fields. With Fujifilm's 90th anniversary approaching(January 2024), this guide also serves as a historical archive, featuring the original models representing the style Fujifilm, as well as old and new products. From architecture to product design,the creativity of CLAY's designers is fully covered in a single volume. The starting point of design is always set in the future. That is why this is a guide to "Future Design."

CLAY Design Concept

After about three years of planning and two years of architectual design and construction, the new CLAY is born in May 2023 at 6-6 Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, as Fujifilm's new studio for design development. The designers of CLAY themselves designed almost everything installed in the building, from the exterior design and interior layout to the desks, workshop tables, lighting, sound, GUI, signages, and even manhole covers. Here proves their serious engagement for the new CLAY project.

Round Table Discussion
The Creators Talk About Fujifilm's Design Studio, New CLAY

The new studio of the Fujifilm Design Center, which completed in April 2023, is a whole collection of product designs, so to speak. All of the designers at the center have participated in the design process of everything from the building to the interior and facilities. We interviewed the designers about their thoughts on the site where the building is nearing completion.

Designs for the Next Standard

From consumer products such as digital cameras, instax, and cosmetics, to prosumer equipment for medical, industrial and broadcasting use, and projectors, as well as scientific reserch-based materials and solutions, they give form to indescribable desires with genuine designs to provide excitement through products and services. This is what it means to"design"Fujifilm, a company that continues to evolve.

Round Table Discuccion
Where Do You See Design Potential?
Answers From Researchers, Engineers, and Designers

Fujifilm is engaged in a wide range of businesses in four areas: Healthcare, Materials, Imaging, and Business Innovation, from cameras and medical equipment to functional cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and supplements, as well as the development of advanced materials and reserch such as drug discovery support and regenerative medicine. There are many subjects in which design has conventionally been involved or in which design may lead to new developments. How are reserchers, engineers,and designers co-creating? Let's hear their stories.

Round Table Discuccion
What's up with today's college students?
Fujifilm's design practice?

The general manager of Fujifilm Design Center and his old friends, four art school professors, got together for the first time in a while to discuss their recent interests as well as today's college students, and the latest trend in Fujifilm's design practice.

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