Japanese Utensils - Autumn Decoration for Enjoying Dishes -

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Japanese Utensils - Autumn Decoration for Enjoying Dishes -
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Our annual "Japanese Utensils" exhibition is being held on the LIVING MOTIF first floor. As the nights get longer and the season progresses, people naturally spend greater time at home. Why don't you enjoy the long autumn nights this year by introducing a little bit different table setting, such as placing everyday meals on an oshiki (lacquered wooden tray) or tray? Originally intended to express hospitality, the table setting is important in tea ceremonies, but we recommend adopting it to enjoy everyday life.

This year, Akiko Hino, the "Hitori Wholesaler" who connects makers and sellers, will be introducing many vessels and tools that she has met. We hope you will come and find your favourite pieces to enhance your home décor.

Event period Thursday, September 9 to Tuesday, October 12
Time 11:00 ー 19:00

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【Instagram Live】

A live stream by Akiko Hino will be held on Instagram on the following date and time to introduce the venue and goods. The event features talk sessions between Hino and four people from different brands. Please join us!  @livingmotif

Guests: Hiroaki Eguchi  of conte, Hiromu Kinjo , Hiroyuki Tokeshi of Nakayama Mokkou, and Shusuke Koto of Sabi-Wabi (listed in order of appearance)

Event period Friday, September 17
Time 20:00ー