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AXIS vol.196

December 2018
(Rhizomatiks Architecture)
Cover Photo:
Junya Igarashi


It has been predicted that vibrant night entertainment and transportation will be expanded mainly in big cities taking advantage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games. When we are freed from the daily routine of returning home in the evenings and the hectic preparations for leaving for work or school in the mornings, what kind of affluence will we seek for those times of day, and how will we act? Moreover, in that kind of society, how will evenings and mornings where designers' creativity is most demonstrated—appear to us? In this issue, we introduce various examples dealing with the universal phenomena of "night and morning" that envelops the entire world. We should be able to discover hints for designing the world for the next generation in how we interpret "night and morning" from various angles, including the environment, culture, the economy, and technology.

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Feature 2

The Future of the Presentation of Japanese Culture:
Attracting the World's Attention with Local Culture

Around the time the Japanese GDP started to slow down in 2004, the Government set up a vision for Japan as a nation of tourism and has been tackling various promotional endeavors ever since. Japan House was initiated in 2014 as a project to establish overseas hubs to disseminate information on Japan and its culture. Its first hub, which opened in São Paolo in April 2017 ahead of London and Los Angeles, has enjoyed a strong response as the number of its visitors increased approximately 6-fold in one year. What are the future tasks and possibilities in disseminating and receiving information about Japanese culture? Here, we explore the optimal solutions for disseminating and receiving information centered around Japan House as the core while introducing two cases from overseas.


Catherine Tsekenis
[Director of the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès]

Founded in 1837, Hermès is a maison that keeps on being fresh even today beside having its own long history. While pursuing creativity in its business, it realized rich corporate culture by also dedicating mécénat (philanthropic) activities that contribute society and culture. Its mécénat activities has been conducted since 2008 by the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès showing one of the ideal forms of a company and its cultural and social activities. Here speaks Catherine Tsekenis, the director of the Fondation d'entreprise Hermès.

Kinya Tagawa's BTC Talk Jam

Guest: Naoko Munakata [Commissioner of Japan Patent Office]

This series navigated by Kinya Tagawa of the design innovation firm Takram talks with top runners who connect the three fields of business, technology, and creativity. It closes in on the works, and ideas behind them, of those who will attract attention in future society.


Burning Man: A City Born of Bohemian Thinking

Burning Man, an event held in Black Rock Desert in the state of Nevada every summer, is definitely not one of those trendy culture festivals. The site does not have any electricity, gas, water, or sewage, and is virtually off the grid. Commercial activities are prohibited so participants must cooperate to form a community. We explore this utopian event based on the vision of Larry Harvey who passed away earlier this year.