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Dispatching design messages to the world

AXIS Gallery was launched in 1981 to help form part of an "axis"-a central hub to which other parts are connected-for design. Located in Roponggi, a center of creative work, AXIS Gallery continues its activities to date as one of the few design galleries in Japan.

In addition to holding lectures and original exhibitions planned by AXIS, AXIS Gallery also provides rental space. The neutral space of the gallery can be adjusted to your purposes for effective presentations.

Why not get together with us and send your message to the world from a base capable of communicating a diversity of designs? From unveiling private works to events and parties by companies and associations, AXIS Gallery can be put to a true variety of uses as a communication venue for a wide range of people.

Ground plans (with dimensions)

Facility outline

Electrical capacity : Please make adjustments so that total electrical use does not exceed 200 A

  • Floor : 1.2 kW x six circuits = 7.2 kW

  • Ceiling : 1.2 kW x 14 circuits = 16.8 kW

Basic fee

352,000yen / day (tax included)