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11:00 - 19:00  Open year round
2F 03-3587-2463
1F 03-3587-2784
B1F 03-5575-8980

Providing a physical experience of “lifestyles where design matters” as proposed by AXIS.

The shop interior delights the eyes with seasonal displays. The space lined with daily intimate items, including new arrivals and seasonal goods, is full of hints on how to make daily living more fun and attractive. Enjoy a relaxing shopping experience in an environment that's like an extension of your own home.

2F  Office furniture and business goods

Sells stationary and notions for business, office furniture, fashion accessories, and home electrical appliances with an interior flair. This stimulating space presents a lineup of practical items with an excellent sense of taste.

1F  Household goods and hobby goods

In addition to table and kitchenware, this floor offers interior decorations, bath items, and fragrances. Exhibitions and seasonal product proposals are held in an attached event space.

B1F  Furniture, lighting and rugs

Offers living room and dining room furniture, lighting, bed linen and fabrics in unique coordination. You can test the comfort of the furniture in this laid back space. Also handles interior objects.