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Material ConneXion Tokyo

Material ConneXion Tokyo


10:00 - 18:00
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays
TEL : 03-6721-1780

A Library of the World’s Latest Materials

Material ConneXion Tokyo is a consulting company that manages a material library and proposes innovative approaches to products by broadening new possibilities in materials.
Our membership library of the world's latest materials has increased its exhibits from 1,600 materials to 2,300 materials. In the adjoining showroom, the focus will be on utilizing materials to create new values by means of exhibitions showcasing materials and seminars introducing the latest trends etc.

[ About Material ConneXion ]

We are a material solution company that creates innovative approaches in products by managing the library of the world's latest materials and connecting the users as well as the manufacturers of the materials across different industries.
The world's largest material library, which is based in New York with branches in seven countries, consists of a permanent exhibit that allows one to physically touch the materials and global databases that allows one to search material information from about 7,500 sources. The connection with different industries brings new discoveries and creates innovative products by broadening new possibilities in materials.

Here at Material ConneXion Tokyo, the aim is to revitalize manufacturing by linking materials and people without borders, such as countries and industries, through exhibitions at showrooms and introductions at the library.