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Privacy Policy

Information security

AXIS Inc. has constructed an information management system to handle various kinds of information and prevent security breaches, and acquired in December 2005 the certification below pertaining to security standards.



International Code of Practice for Information Security Management.


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Privacy policy

AXIS Inc. understands that personal information is an important asset in today's advanced information society and recognizes that the correct handling of personal information is an important duty of AXIS Inc., which shall protect personal information according to the following policies.

  1. Strict observance of laws and regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information

    AXIS Inc. shall strictly observe laws and other regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information and shall treat it in the appropriate manner.

  1. Acquisition of personal information

    AXIS Inc., when acquiring personal information, shall clarify the uses to which it will be put. AXIS Inc. shall only acquire personal information through legal and fair means.

  1. Use of personal information

    AXIS Inc. shall limit its use of acquired personal information to the execution of business activity within the scope of the purposes stated at the time the information was acquired or purposes that are reasonably related. When using personal information with a third party or consigning use of personal information to a third party, AXIS Inc. shall supervise in order to realize proper treatment of personal information by third party or partner when using such personal information jointly.

  1. Sharing personal information with third party

    AXIS Inc. shall not provide personal information to a third party without first receiving permission by the owner of that information, except in those cases where required by law.

  1. Management of personal information

    In addition to maintaining the accuracy and currency of personal information, AXIS Inc. shall enact the necessary and appropriate security measures in order to prevent the loss, alteration or leaking of personal information and manage it in a secure manner.

  1. Disclosure, amendment, termination of use and deletion of personal information

    AXIS Inc. recognizes the right of the owner of the personal information to demand that AXIS Inc. disclose, amend, cease using or erase said personal information, and has established a department through which inquiries can be made. AXIS Inc. shall respond promptly to such requests in accordance with the law.

  1. Organization and system

    In addition to executing appropriate management concerning personal information in its business activities, AXIS Inc. shall construct a system that realizes the appropriate handling of personal information in those business activities.

  1. Establishment and execution of personal information compliance program

    In order to execute these personal information protection measures, AXIS Inc. shall establish a personal information protection compliance program that will be maintained at optimum performance through thorough in-house education and study and by making continual improvements.

Drawn up April 1, 2005
Revised January 1, 2010

Nobuo Asaka, President

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