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Since its establishment in 1981, AXIS Magazine has taken design to be a driving force behind culture, communication and business as well as form. Design has recently been proclaimed as a socially important endeavor, and we will continue to consider it from various directions, exploring and proposing new social relations and lifestyles to our creative readers engaged in shaping the times in which we live.

Summary of medium

Readership Profile

Our readership comprises opinion leaders sensitive to new design and business.

  • Our readership comprises specialists such as designers and planners in their 30s and 40s.

  • The percentage of female readers is over 40%

  • Our readers are sensitive to new-product information and brand advertisements

  • They are very particular when it comes to automobiles, cameras, computers and digital tools, etc.

  • They possess a great interest in computer-related information

  • Readers are especially concerned with advertisements for personnel recruitment

  • Our readers always read advertisements geared towards professionals that provide design services and tools, etc.