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Design development

  • Project production, such as CI development, graphic design, product design, space design, electronic media design.

Planning, production and media business, such as advertising, publicity, and sales promotion.

  • Project production, such as visuals, catalogs, manuals, and novelties.
  • Planning for company promotion, product advertising and sales promotion, shop promotion, outdoor advertising.
  • Project planning for mass media advertising and sales promotion items.
  • Planning and management for exhibition and events.


  • Analysis and policy creation pertaining to corporate strategy, business strategy, product strategy, and brand strategy.
  • Mathematical programming related to survey design and measuring advertising effectiveness, etc.
  • Consultation pertaining to information system design and development.


  • Editing and publishing of the design magazine AXIS and the provision of Japanese and overseas design and related information.
  • Planning, editing, and sales of various kinds of publication.

Management of company stores

  • Living Motif: sales of miscellaneous items for daily living, furniture, business supplies, and hobby items
  • Bibliophile: sells design books from overseas
  • Le Garage: sells automobile parts and accessories

Car Brand Merchandising Business

  • Product development, Plan, sales of goods
  • Consultant of merchandising business

Gallery operation and planning

  • Planning, design, and execution of various events such as exhibitions, seminars, and lectures
  • Gallery space rental

Provision of building space

  • Building rental and management contracts